Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Flower & Alter Team Annual Report 2015

Flower & Alter Team 2015 Annual Report
The flower and alter team cordially invites you to be a member of our team! I hope you will
notice the work that we do around the church making it a lovely sacred space for worship! In addition
to that we sell Easter Lilies and Poinsettia’s every year. We also help with the Gingerbread Fair making
arrangements. This is a really fun time and next year we will probably take two days to make them as
one day simply isn’t enough time.
Each member of the team takes one or two months to be sure that flowers are in the sanctuary
each Sunday. There is a sign-up sheet near the office. Everyone in the church is invited to have flowers
that you can then take home after the service! We also have a garden in the front of the church that
we tend to in the summer months. Our team has legacy funds which support our endeavors. We have
a small budget of $175.00 this year. We participate quarterly in the Worship Ministry meetings.

Respectfully, Vicky Shaw

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